Monday, April 14, 2014

otherkin companion open thread

Hi, all, I will likely be absent for the following fortnight, for I have just received a singing telegram from the president of the united states of america asking for donations. It is veracious to say that I am appalled beyond any appreciable amount of multi-lettered words which could be expressed on a scale discernible sans telescope that a human person who merely runs the country would request money from someone who struggles daily on behalf of the most important blog and twitter feed on the interverse. Nonetheless, it is unambiguously clear that the president of our nation requires my assistance, and I will be alighting the next aeroplane departing unto the white house so that I can explain oppression, discrimination, and racism to president barack obama. I will be submitting receipts for my airefare and any tattoos that I receive while on my trip with the great expectation that the government will reimburse me for my expenses, as one of my most important feminist acts.

In the meantime, I am opening a thread in which you may feel invited to share photographs of the non-human fur/scale/feather/exoskeleton-covered or shelled otherkin in your life. You are not obligated to post any photographs in this thread. Please do make sure that you have permission from each animal before posting. Also, when posting photos keep in mind that you may be disappearing, nonexistencing, or caching the experiences of non-animal-companioned persons, thus, your photo should not contain any images of your animal companions.


  1. As a formerly bereaved* feline-companion-animal companion, I'm disappeared in this scenario. Ho-hum. Just another instance of my identity as a demi-pet-owner falling victim to Big Pet, a/k/a the domestic animal-having kyriarchy.

    (*as in, my cat died a few years ago but you don't have to feel sorry for me because I'm not grieving anymore.)

    Since she is deceased, I cannot get her consent---enthusiastic or otherwise---to post a photo. Instead, I shall describe her former corporeal self as the cutest little gray tabby/calico mix with big green-yellow eyes and the sweetest little white paws. Aww.

    1. I'd like to add, for clarity, that I believe she was a cisgender female-identified cisfeline, not an otherkin. Although she was spayed, I do not know how she identified her sexuality, if any.

  2. I would like to not-present a photo of Sophie the wee dragon cat, whatever the hell it is that I mean by THAT. Sure and begorrah, I cannae tell me Irish fake accent from me Scottish one! Och, I need me some Liffey Water, sure as Saint Patrick...

  3. I myself am an otherkin, but I cannot post a photograph of myself in this thread for fear the camera will steal my soul.

  4. I recently had hot foot sex with an otherkin and his entire extended ostrich family. With enthusiastic consent, of course! Pics anyone?