Judith Shakestown, aka Princess Slut of Fuck Forest (PSOFF), started this blog one lazy afternoon in January 2014. She has been banned only two or three times from The Blog That Shall Not Be Named (TBTSNBN). She has degrees in Recognizing Garbage, Emotional Abuse, and Cult Leading.

Emailing is a big part of what you are paying Judy to do here. You can reach Judy at, but please note the following rule before contacting her: Do not email me for any reason.

Apple Bean, Jesus Rhino, Cheeky, Clone1, Clone2, Those Other Guys, are all people that are not Judith Shakestown.


  1. I'm almost as afraid to comment here as I am at TBTSNBN, ;-), but I think this blog--I mean YOU, Judith Shakestown, are really, really, really funny. Your attention to the detail of the language of that other place is what gets me most, but also, your absolutely spot-on take on the mood and attitude of you-know-who. Brav@! p.s. that's my own gender/nongender-inclusive way of praising you. I hope you appreciate the tribute.

  2. I cannot stop laughing. This is brilliant!!

  3. Truly this blog is the second largest source of BLUB ELEVENTY on the internet. Well done 'Dith, well done!