Saturday, March 15, 2014

Intro to Cunstronauts: License to Sisyphus Transcription Projects

I am SO EMBARRASSED. Abby Cabbagepatch totes just commandeered my twitter account to post an unexpected tweetstorm of praise upon me. I am so utterly HUMBLED that I just had to modestly repost them all here.

LOLBLUSH. Thank you, Abby, for giving me permission to repost these public tweets and for reminding that I am indeed one of, if not the, most important persons in the entire multigalaxy. UGLYCRYTEARS. Completely, unquestioningly forever in.


  1. Humility and modesty are just the WORRRRRST!

  2. (CN Humility, friends, supressed anger) Who needs humility right? I don't. I get pissed my "friends" talk to others. It's all about me dammit! Luv karkar

  3. Judith, don't forget you can now copyright those transcribed tweets. They might make a nice intro to the Sisyphus book. By the way, who is Abby, and can I subscribe to her Twitter feed? I don't see a link to her account from your Twitter page....