Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I just received the following screenshot, which I have been assured was posted without context or comment on the previously discussed hate site, wikipedia.
Telling me here or on any other site that your mission is for me to quit it out is metaphysical blackmail, which will not be tolerated here or anywhere else. There is no difference between saying that I should no longer be regarded as an authoritative voice for online feminism and saying that I should metaphysically cease to existence. Members of wikipedia, by advocating the use of metaphysical blackmail to harass and intimidate, you are essentially setting out fly paper for abusive trolls who harass and stalk people both on and offline. This is why I never post about or dehumanize people whom I view as enemies of the things I believe in.


  1. It's even worse than we previously suspected: Wikipedia is using Comic Sans on 'Dith!

  2. Judith, I'm so glad you made it clear that it won't be tolerated anywhere else! I vow, by the power of my three-pronged cocktail fork (and by Grabthar's hammer) that I will tweet anyone who dares question you and will ban them from tweeting me back.

    Please, never quit it out.

    you are indisputably a genius