Monday, July 28, 2014

wikipedia is at it again

I am writing to alert you to the existence of an abusive site with which you may not be familiar: [the provided link is safe to click on as you'll note I've passed it through Do Not Link]

While I've never visited the site myself, I've received multitudes of screenshots of the site from friends of shakestown and from abusive members of wikipedia who have nothing better to do than to stalk and harass me.

Based on the screenshots I have seen, members of wikipedia are obsessed with harassment and cults. Entire pages of the site are devoted to these topics.

As many of you know, I and my loved ones have been subject to harassment and abuse from the time I began composing blog essays. Suddenly, I am convinced that the majority of this harassment is not being perpetrated by misogynist trolls but by members of wikipedia who repeatedly define harassment and abuse on their hate site. You cannot define and discourage abuse and then be surprised when a select few assholes decide to in turn abuse and harass me.

Further, Wikipedia members are incongruous in their complaints. I have seen (in screenshots) that the site is full of incoherencies. For instance, in a single post (, they assert the following about digital harassment:

First, harassment requires the use of science fictional magic, and then when that doesn't get them anywhere they decide that harassment can take place in typed words as well.

Also, the site includes some petty refuse that belongs in a bin to be taken on a lift and then discarded outdours and therefore all members of wikipedia endorse said refuse and have no moral boundaries and therefore are all guilty of harassment, bullying, and abuse, and they are all probable criminal stalkers who do not understand the difference between posting something on their own blog and stalking phone numbers to leave vile messages.


  1. [CN: Invisibilising of legless persons]

    I stand with Judith Shakestown.

    1. Oh 'Dith, you're such a wee treasure! This post really resonates with a resonance that is totally resonant. And considering that you might very well be of Jewish descent without knowing it, any attempts to harass your brain via use of electromagnetic resonance should count as rank anti-Semitism.

      I stand with Shakestown, and I do not consent to being Googled. I don't mean it as a demand that you do additional work, 'Dith, when I say that you must protect your loved ones from the twin threats of Googling and Internet Slapfightery.

      Right now, there are thousands of people being Googled in preparation for Internet Slapfights, and I want to draw attention away from their plight and refocus it where it belongs, on you.

  2. I love you so much right now. And "outdours" is the icing rose on the cake.
    Also, I wonder if Nikola Tesla was the first electronic harasser.

  3. I.




    Out. Raged.


    On your behalf. I am shaking with anger and am making a pledge to pledge and spread sunshine sandwiches with resolute gusto on your behalf. If, in fact, you want me to. Totes up to you.

    Val Prism