Saturday, January 25, 2014

racism is alive and well in the tweetiverse

Um, no. Fuck you "feminist" hulk and your garbtweets.


  1. [Content note: earthling privilege]

    I mentioned this tweet to my ex-BFF today and you know what he said? "Martians don't exist." SEETHE. Such a garbage friend.

  2. Over at my blog I'm reviewing all the Hulk comics as the story of an Otherkin trapped by traditional gender roles and fat hatred.


  3. Well, over at MY blog, I'm doing a twenty-month-long Close Reading of Green Eggs and Ham. Sam I Am is a serial harasser/stalker, and teaching children to try things they think they won't like? You may as well just write RAPE ME on their foreheads!

    Ana, Only Sdrawkcab

  4. I can't believe how othering this is to people of blueness. Why do you all hate me?

    Ana (not that one, a different one. How could you think I meant that one?)