Sunday, January 19, 2014

the open saloon is open

This is a space for shakestownies to unwind and ask if they can ask to offer each other a beverage.

As per usual, I'll be around policing your comments but will not otherwise be posting here because this is my fucking day off, for mesus' sake.

soups of the day: lol your jellied octopus, hey your gay brain, cocktail forks ahoy


  1. [CN: violence against cocktail sausages]

    Judith, you are the best! Can you let us know when it is okay to prick a cocktail sausage with a cocktail fork and when it's not okay? You always know exactly what to do!

  2. [CN: lol your penis joke?]

    Always okay. However, if you are using cocktail sausage as a euphemism for cis penis please refamiliarize yourself with the guidelines in my brain which state that readers must avoid any references to gendered violence.

    This conversation is making me hungry though. Teehheee. Lol my queer stomach.

  3. Sigh... I had a terrible week full of drama I created because Life! Is! So! Hard! but I don't want any advice or anything practical so can someone pass the Platter of Tranquilizing Stuff. No puppies please though because I'm allergic.

  4. *passes Tanon the Platter of Tranquilizing Stuff*
    I'll have a butterbeer, please.

    [CN: invisiblizing; forks] Some days I feel so invisiblated. I don't feel as though the people in my life understand that sometimes I just don't have enough cocktail forks to stab all the things I'm "supposed" to stab. It's all I can do to manage a weak jab at times.