Tuesday, February 11, 2014

a very valentiney shakestown

Contrary to popular garbage belief, I do have a heart.
Enjoy and send to all of your garbage friends!
Larger images after the jumpity jump...


  1. Oh my god i will never stop laughing at these


  2. "Content Note: I love you!
    "This is an advanced love space."

    this one is my favorite. I glubbity-love it!

    P.S. How can I paste an image into my comment? I have something for you!

  3. y_y, it's probably impossible on account of the entire world hates me. try imageshack or email?

  4. These are so creative!! I love them. Thank you, Judy! <3

    My favourite is "Fluttery flutter the beaty heart" but Ockham's plaid underpants never fails to crack me up.

    - Auntie Alias

    1. AA, if you like Ockham's plaid underpants, might I also recommend his polka-dotted banana hammock.


      lovestronaut judy

  5. I admit it: I lolsharted.

  6. You had me at 'Ockham's plaid underpants'. :) -mayayuxwatl

  7. I have the rare Occidentallory Spectrum Color Blindness, which is the only kind women get, and it makes the color red kill you. So now I am dead. And I just wanted to thank you for that, Judy, your courage and love and constant genuousity are truly the best medicine.

    Except when they kill you, I guess.

  8. @Anonymous

    Please keep in mind that it is everyone's job to maintain the safe space here; that can include, but is not limited to, thinking about what you have written before you post, making sure to consider the community as a whole and not just your own personal immediate thought process, considering the on-going conversation and the direction indicated in the OP, and sometimes deciding not to post at all.

    Your post implies that Judith gives "constant genuousity [sic]." This places a fucking unfair burden of constant and consistent behavior on Judith, and adds to the fuckbillion other ways that make her space unsafe for her. UN. SAFE. It also falsely implies that Judith comes from a place of privilege (as if she were married to an assistant VP six-figure husband and lived in some bumblefuck midwestern town with a minuscule cost of living) that would allow her to move and act in this space with constant generosity.

    Finally, we are not mind-readers: if you have truly died, I hope that you have thought about Judith in your estate planning (no amount is too small)

    1. <3
      And why didn't I think of "hosanna_hedgehog" for my screen name. Glub.


    2. There's also Susana Seapoppet.