Thursday, February 20, 2014

today's query

If you could be any (earth-dwelling, non-fiction) animal in the megaverse, what animal would you be and why?

This is a theoretical question, so for this post (and this post only) you should assume that humans have the ability to transform into animals.

Note: As per usual, I am not going to answer this question myself or respond to any of your comments, because this is my ME time, and I'm not campaigning for cash right now. But if you enjoyed this enthralling question please keep it in my mind when you go to donate.


  1. I would be a Sarah McLachlan dog, then I would look sad while "Angel" played and get ALL of the Glubs.

    1. Sarah McLachlan and dogs and Sarah McLachlan plus dogs all require separate Content Trigger Bombs. You are clearly an MRA.

      -- Ana Folana

    2. I understand and agree and apologize profusely, but have some tiny reservations about being called an MRA and would like to mention that I'm not, because I live on a mound of tires that floats in and out with the tide with my sixhrmph younguns, we're cod farmers, from a long line of suchlike, and due to the pollutions and the whatnot I am listed officially as a Freemartin on my birthing certificate. Now my TWIN, oh he's definitely one of them there MRA's, plus he's a Confederate Rebel and one heck of a cod tickler.

    3. And by younguns I mean seagulls of course.

  2. I would be you, Judith. In fact I would emulate every thing about you until I was so CUI that I flipped inside out and became me again just so I could become you again.


  3. [CN: possible otherkin othering; STDs; bootstraps] I would be a koala. They are slow and lazy and seem to enjoy life. However, most of them have chlamydia, so that's a drawback.

    Perhaps surprisingly, I would not choose to be a yak.