Wednesday, February 19, 2014

bah your hate blogs

[ETA: Content Note]*

I am tired, nay fucking exhausted, to the fuckbillionth degree, of stalkers who read this blog and then have negative things to say about it.

Hate blogs are monolithic. If I disagree with one thing said by one hater, then this makes all haters misogynist, complainy crymonkeys.

So, let me just say this once to all of you. Instead of trying to incite a RIOT--on hate blogs that clearly aren't even directed TO me since I have publicly said that I don't read them--why don't you leave your house and DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE WITH YOUR TIME FFS!?!?!?!?!?

If you don't like what I have to say then ignore it. This is what I do Every. Damn. Day. when I DON'T post about and quote all the people with whom I disagree. If you think someone is harming other people, you should just shut up about it. That's what I always say.

I mean, seriously, this blog harmed you? You must have serious problems then because we all know that words and online relationships can't actually cause you to harm yourself, which is why I always  post trigger warnings at the beginning of posts and obsessively delete comments that I deem dangerous to the protected space.

So yeah, sorry I'm not fucking perfect. But your complaints are all cut from the same anti-woman trashcloth. Since the beginning of mantime, people have accused women of harming others. So you can sit there and say that I'm  harming others all you want, but just know that you're a fucking misogynist for saying it. If I was a dude, you would all be like "Manipulating and emotionally abusing commenters? LOLWEVS." Additionally, the widespread stereotype of women as cult leaders is a garbage sexist trope. Just think of all the famous female "cult" leaders you know. Andplusfuckalso, if it's a stereotype, it can never be true.

Quit it out.


  1. [CN: Request for more work, 90's pop lyrics]

    "fuckbillionth degree"

    Can I ask, when using fake numbers like this or "biebillion" or any of your others, that you add a content note? I hate to impinge upon your creatively wording, but as a math teacher, I find poor numeracy to be truly, madly, deeply triggering.

  2. DONE. And with a link to the comments. I don't know how to link to your comment specifically because blogger's garbage comment system.

  3. The worst offender in the parody hate blogs based on Shakestown is a blog called "Shakesville," they have a [CN: Innumeracy] fuckton of triggering nightmare garbage over there.


  4. Christ I could bake you a cake. Seriously thank you for this.

    1. I don't appreciate the insinuation that she would eat a whole cake while all her adorable pets watched with hungry eyes. Please read the posting guidelines, Feminism 102, and "Dr. Zhivago" before you even think about opening that blasted yap of yours again! And you'd better get started on that cake, too, because mentioning baking cake without providing said cake is a violation of 'Dith's safe space. Aren't you Completely Unquestioningly In? It dehumanizes 'Dith every time you utter the wrong adjectives or say the wrong syllables. Like the opposite effect that clapping has on Tinker Bell.

  5. (content note: agreement)
    I agree, all haters are the same. (content note: Chocolate) If only I could send you comfort chocolate for your trouble (content note: disagreement) I disagree with all haters..